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A Family-Owned Funeral Home & Crematory since 1964
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With spacious facilities for our families, Lind Brothers also feature its own crematorium. Your loved one remains in our care for the duration of services.

Future Shopping

We offer a wide selection of affordable caskets, cremation urns and cemetery markers. Shopping for the future makes decisions easier at stressful times.

Personalized Tradition

Lind Brothers encourage traditional celebrations of life as well as any unique memorialization that will personalize the service to your loved one.

About Us

Your loved one will never leave our home.

Most corporate-run funeral homes are owned by large Wall Street conglomerates. Their investors are only concerned about financial return. These funeral homes operate using corporate efficiencies and economies of scale. They have centralized locations for embalming and cremation. Your loved one often transported from where you make arrangements to another location for those services, and then transferred back.

At Lind Brothers, your loved ones will never leave our funeral home.

We are a family serving your family.

We do not have employees who answer to corporate shareholders or a Board of Directors; we believe to do so would create an impersonal funeral experience.

At Lind Brothers, you will meet with one of our family members in a compassionate setting.

We have been a part of the Carmichael since 1964.

We are active in the community making it a better place to work and live. We are members of the Carmichael and Fair Oaks Chambers of Commerce and the Carmichael Kiwanis Club, as well as the California Funeral Directors Association.

At Lind Brothers, you are getting people who truly care about the community.

If you need to speak to someone who can make a decision at a moments notice, you will not have to wait for an answer from corporate headquarters.

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We trust that our sincerity will merit your confidence in our service and we appreciate the faith you place in our family caring for your family.

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